Ittefaq Hospital is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP)

Orthopaedic and Traumatology Unit

Unit of traumatology and orthopaedic is a fully equipped unit recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental council and by college of physicians and surgeons. This shows that we have an experienced and professional team to look after our patients. There are regular compulsory courses and workshops for team doctors in liason with other hospitals to keep their knowledge and skill updated concerning patients care and management.

This unit has separate male and female orthopaedic wards with eleven beds each. Along with these wards, we also have a number of private rooms. Orthopaedic unit has very busy out patient department where over five hundred patients are seen and treated every month. Operation theaters are equally busy where more than two hundred patients are operated every month. The operation theater is fully equipped with two image intensifiers, fracture table, arthroscopy instrumentation along with different types of locking nail equipment.

Ittefaq hospital is the pioneer in arthroscopic surgery in Lahore where knee and shoulder arthroscopies were started. At present, we are doing 50-60 arthroscopies of the major joints per year.

Orthopaedic unit at Ittefaq hospital deals with a massive influx of accidents and caters for a large catchment area. There is a 24 hours on call trauma team which includes a consultant, a registrar, a medical officer along with a 24 hours ready theater and theater on call team to deal with any kind of emergency or trauma that lands up at Ittefaq hospital. Infact we are now a referral center for maltreated or infected long bone fractures. We are in the process of starting new methods of retrograde closed interlocking nail humerus, not yet being done in Pakistan. All other kinds of fractures i.e. hip fractures, long bones fractures and spine fracture etc are dealt with in this unit. There are many industrial hand injuries, which are taken care of by the trauma unit.

We have a large number of elective operations done at our unit, which include total hip replacements, total knee replacements. These operations are being done on a regular basis. Disc and other back operations along with congenital deformities of infants and children are also done by our orthopaedic department i.e. CDH, CTEV, postpolio surgery. Leg lengthening and callostosis is a special procedure done here for lengthening bones which are shortened due to disease, fractures or congenital problems.

There is a close liason between Orthopaedic unit at Ittefaq and plastic surgeons because many accidents have open wounds that need looking after of their skin and soft tissues.

We have a very efficient computerized data storing system along with strict regular follow up of all patients who go through our department. We have a regular morbidity and mortality check of the department. Our complication rate is comparable to any trauma and orthopaedic unit in Europe and America.