Ittefaq Hospital is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP)

Department of Medicine & Allied Specialties

Department of medicine forms the core of hospital clinical services and shares major work-load. Department of medicine encompasses specialties (clinical divisions) like Acute internal medicine, gastroenterology/hepatology, Diabetology, Nephrology, Neurology, Preventive & clinical cardiology, Pulmonology, Dermatology & Psychiatry etc. Total bed strength in wards/rooms is approximately around 90(ninety). Advanced 21 – beds fully equipped, functional Medical I.C.U/C.C.U & 4 – beds H.D.I.C.U (high dependency I.C.U) is managed by the efficient staff.

Medical ICU / CCU has facilities like multipurpose invasive & non invasive cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, functional ventilators x 9 (Servo Siemens), N.I.P.P.V, T.X.P, Percussive nebulizers, Defibrillators, Temporary & Permanent Pacemaker facilities, C.V.P line and full C.P.R facilities. Department of medicine supervises disciplined “Code Blue” System and “CPR Team”. Its operational efficiency and timely help has saved many lives. Department of medicine handles all kinds of acute medical emergencies and takes the major brunt at busy hospital “Emergency Department” (E.R). Haemodialysis unit with Bicarb Dialysis, unltrafiltration is run by experienced, trained nephrologist. Endoscopy unit is supervised by Consultant. Bronchoscopy services are provided by pulmonologist. Department of medicine gives round the clock support to all other hospital clinical services. Department of medicine & allied run specialist OPD clinics of all specialties on daily basis. “Diabetic clinic” & Hypertension clinic is also supervised by the department of medicine. Department of medicine is managed by whole time, in-house senior consultants x 3, senior registrar x 1, registrars x 2 and medical officers x around 20. Good teaching and clinical training is provided to F.C.P.S trainees by the approved C.P.S.P supervisors. Department of medicine is recognized by C.P.S.P for F.C.P.S Part – II training.

Code blue call system

The hospital has a "proper" & "active" round the clock, emergency "Code Blue" call system to facilitate (with C.P.R.) and stabilize all patients in critical conditions. This facility is supervised and practiced successfully by the department of Medicine and Anaesthesia. There is weekly Code-Blue "drill" to check the system functioning in the hospital. Ittefaq Hospital is rightly proud of this service.

Endoscopy and Gastroscopy

Various medical procedures including diagnostic and therapeutic upper GIT Endoscopy, Sclerotherapy and Banding, Oesophageal Dialatation, Endocrine studies, Diagnostic and therapeutic Colonoscopy etc. are carried out in this department. Liver biopsies are performed by both in-house and visiting consultants (Gastroentrologist).

Nephrology & Haemodialysis Service (Renal Transplant Team)

Supervised by highly experienced Consultant Nephrologist

Bicarbonate Haemodialysis service

with latest advanced computerized machines has been established for timely dialysis of kidney patients who are in a serious condition. An expert Nephrologist and his staff ensures that Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, CAPD, and Ultrafilterations are carried out effectively.

Dialysis Unit:

Eight (8) beds with new machines and fully trained staff are available for dialysis at a time. It functions round the clock.

Sleep Study Lab

This dept. has recently been established to study sleep disorders, breathing problems (Apnoea) and cardiac rhythm disorders.